Friday, 25 September 2009

Tuesday Night Brand Practice

At The Strand I met Dylan, the sales man the man behind a brand I’ve become quite attached to already. Comprising of Robin Graves’ graphics, Mark Murder’s designs, Ben Bones way with denim, and Dan Dangerousness’s production, Tuesday Night Band Practice ‘did things in reverse’, establishing stores around the world before introducing themselves three years later to the fashion week industry. Routed in underground bands, the punk grunge acoustics translate into the chords of the clothes. Logos are etched unconventionally across vests, with marble like tea stains creating edgy tie dye effects. The blazers look like gothic surgeon outfits suited for the runway or stage, with acid wash jeans that are so on trend. Hoodies drape effortlessly like atmospheric phantoms. And the boots are a highlight in my eyes, with rich leather and thick buckles that have an industrial persona and heel to them. To find out more about the upcoming brand, swerve a click to the website in mention.


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