Wednesday, 23 September 2009

A Midsummer Nights Dream

So I've just got back from London Fashion Week, and was introduced to a fabulous array of designers from different runways of life. More generalised photos and thoughts will filter through over the next few days, but to kick start proceedings, here is my review from Orschel-Read's show.

Tales from Shakespeare leapt from the page to print for Orschel-Read’s S/S 2010 collection in London on Sunday. Trench coats, lounge suits and leather collegiate jackets made empowered statements, keeping in line with classic tailoring while introducing a subtle couture angle. The green jacket looks like plates of armour, dislocating out in an unconventional manner. And a V neck cuts down into an otherwise sophisticated dusty cream blazer to adapt to the youthful couture collective of Shoreditch. The use of leather is an indulgent delight to the eye, creating crinkles of light and reflection as the models walk past. What marks Orschel’s concept is the beautiful juxtaposition of this romanticised Shakespearean idea with more modern elements. Military boots footprint the couture revolution for the modern man about London, with materials such as moray silk, chiffon, and even human hair laced into the clothes. And an eclectic conflict marks this runway bravery, with dropped crotch trousers clashing against the Emperor like jackets; very much reminiscent of Vivienne Westwood’s approach. With an androgynous feel that fuses masculine strength and feminine beauty, Orschel-Read’s vision is sure to attract those looking for something thought provoking and quirky in their wardrobe.

Orschel-Read, The Old Glass Factory, 15 Hoe Street, London E17 4SD,


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