Sunday, 6 September 2009

Makeup Junkie

Karl is a fashion web friend of mine, who's threads on inspire me without fail. I admire the brave female elements to his style, from Balmain shoulderpads to distressed All Saints cardigans. What marks Karl above the rest however is his revamping ability to tie knots and pin simple tops into something more eclectic and high fashion. So be sure to click your way to his site and see what all the hypes about.


  1. thanks so much charles, u know i love u

  2. Love love love all of it. Everything is so well put together and the draping is gorgeous.

  3. baby Karl is a stunner.! he's such an icon! love him much. congrats for being featured! ;D

    -lauretha myrrh-

  4. thanks for the comments everyone! glad you appreciate karl's super unique style. i think i'll be posting an admired style every week now, so keep posted to see if your looks are uploaded...! x