Thursday, 10 September 2009

The Sartorialist

Following on from my outfit post, I've fallen in love with The Sartorialist's glossy new book on street style. I love the appreciation of looks from all sides of life. Supermodels are featured, strutting out of catwalk shows with sheer intensity. Industry types are standing with purpose outside, tailored or so chic they look pristine. But there's also candids of 'the ordinary', where unique and captivating beauty is captured in equal merit to the model types. Whether it's the innocent expressions or the shy posture, I love seeing style being a part of all walks of life. For me, fashion colours the world, or the shell of it at least, and I like to use it as a form of expression when words can't come to mind. As a result this book is very inspiring, and I insist you all put it on your christmas list.


  1. loving the bright orange sandals... i want to get that book so bad you don't even know!!

    i'm jealous!

  2. its mighty cheap in paperback, so put it on your christmas list at once i say ;) thanks for the comment jillian, hope your well. charleston x

  3. I am so putting it on my Christmas list! The Sartorialist is my Bible :).