Thursday, 3 December 2009

Little Secrets Lurking In The Woods

Although an odd concept, 'Bespoke Boutique' recently added me on Facebook, making independent retail my pen pal friend. The store was launched in 2007, finding a home in the 'Norwich Lanes', and co-owned by Sean Ward and David Holland. 'Modern simplicity' is their moto, aiming to showcase new materials and looks from up and coming designers. Rock and roll couture and modern tailoring is the common theme, giving 'Topman' lovers something high end to invest in if their wallets and bravery will allow. Below are a few examples of the brands on show. Peter Jensen and April77 create unique winter warmers through their vintage inspired jumpers, Dana Lee's tight fitting shirts are simplistic with an industrial chic edge, and Dirt Box go's down an adventurous tie dye route for those wanting twirls of colour this cold Winter.


  1. Hey how are you havent stopped by many blogs recently but i had to check on yours and see how its going, I Love the new post. That sweater is great i love the detailing on it and those boots are amazing i need those in my wardrobe lol!

  2. Hey Brad, great to hear from you. The boutique clothes are great, I know. Vintage jumpers are always a must in my wardrobe, but I cant deny a brand new knitted venture. Hope your well. Keep in touch and blogging away!

  3. Yeah, I'd pretty much rock all of this gear. Thanks for schooling us on the brand. Great post!