Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Bloody Remains

I was thrilled to get an email from Rozalb de Mura recently, asking if I'd review their Spring/Summer collection. While fairly unknown internationally, the inspired designers are a big favourite of mine, and have all the potential to be avant-garde stars of the future.

They exhibited their new collection at the beautifully haunted theater of Hotel de Behague, where an enchanting story behind the clothes was presented, taking fashion down a magical and eery tim burton landscape through the 'remains of bloody unseen worlds.' Erika explained to me how the clothes are like disintegrable antique robots that are assembled from 'a primitive, tribal air to complicatedly royal volumes.' The warrior aura is also soothed down with 'single pieces that can be worn in a relaxed, urban way.'

What first grabs me is the red lobster colours that hood the models like sea creatures from the dark depths. There's a blood stained sex appeal to the clothes and an androgynous attitude that's impossible to tame. It's like the beauty of the human body has been turned inside out, with vein like threads weaving around the shorts in a life of their own. The tattered and distressed feel echoes avant-garde aproaches from the likes of Vivienne westwood, or a colourful tangent of Gareth Pugh's infamous style.

The shoulders of the jackets balloon out to create a powerful warrior like exterior, with stitching looking like an artistic surgeon has been at work. The minimalistic white tops underneath serve as quirky and modern editions to the looks, making the blood reds even sharper. For a collection so avant-garde in its concept and style, it retains a youthful modern appeal that, once deconstructed, can also be a very wearable collection. The extravagant snoods bear witness to this; something that has been so popular on the high streets this Winter season.

The overall sensation is visceral, and a glimpse at a flayed body in an old anatomy book; in perfect harmony with the Hungarian title – bloody remains. More information can be found at


  1. As you said: truly visceral indeed.
    Great craftmanship! I'm truly stunned.
    Love that you always show me new things!

  2. I love the patterns. The contrast between the white and burgandy is reeeally nice.

  3. thankyou to both of you. really glad people are appreciating this avant garde post! will be sure to upload more over the months!

  4. totally ff ur blog./. i looove the way u write.. ive been telling u a million times and i aint gon get tired haha.. cheers.. hehe

  5. Wow! First time on your blog, and what a post to start with! I love it!

    Any combination of red and white just evokes a strong emotional response I feel, and that's certainly the case here!

    J xxx

  6. well written review + well chosen images

    This is where fashion meets art in the truest sense.