Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Dear Dora

My recent article on Dora Mojzes has just been published in New York's Prim Magazine. She's a fabulous gothic couture designer that tickled my dark side. The screenshot might be a little strained, so if you have trouble reading it, the article along with the rest of August's edition can be seen at It's a great magazine that mixes art, photography, music and obviously fashion into a cultured bible for our reading pleasure


  1. Wow, you're a published author! That's cool! All I ever got published was my review in French about our high school trip to Paris :-) In the school newspaper, that is ;-)
    Greets from la Belgique, Mr. C.M.!

  2. You should send Prim an angry e-mail though, they made a typo in your great article (fairtyale instead of fairytale)! Happens to the best :-), luckily you have me with my OCD eagle eyes always on the prowl for spelling errors!

  3. thankyou ghostboyo. dont go dampening your review in the school newspaper. all coverage, be it in a glossy magazine or local paper, is something to be proud of. i do a lot of online style internship, and am still trying to break through to do paid work myself! its a tough industry wouldn't you agree. anyway, thanks for pointing out the typo. i'm an ocd one too, so this grinded my gears just a little, haha. hope alls well with you stylish sir. charleston

  4. Ahh awesome, congrats on being published! I love it when this happens, I am currently studying fashion journalism near London. Also well done on the 2:1! x