Monday, 8 March 2010

Clement's Spell

While an obvious attribute of blogging is the chance to showcase our own style and thoughts, what I've come to appreciate is the art of others influence. There are so many online persona's that capture my imagination with their fashion talents and interests. And Clement Louis is no exception. He's a young artistic photographer from Paris, and colours his work as 'the esthetisation of death, loneliness, fashion, and fragility.' He captures a dark and sensual side of clothes, as can be seen in his collaboration with Rick Owens. And Clement's personal style is just as favourable, with effortless drapes and indie 'All Saints' style appeal. So for those that like to marry fashion with intelligent thought and stories, head to the stylish Frenchman's blog at


  1. He certainly does dress well! Very niceee post.