Thursday, 11 February 2010

An Inspiration Rests In Peace

Rarely am I so affected by deaths away from my personal relations, but the tragic death of Alexander McQueen today has really upset me. I may have only been involved and submerged in the wonderful world of fashion for a few years, but you'd be blind to not realise the impact that Alexander had on the industry. In terms of his clothes and concepts, he had one of the most innovative couture eyes, always coming up with fresh and edgy ways of presenting ourselves. But what marked him as a designer of the highest note was the fantasy that accomponied his creations. His clothes would take you into 'another world', and whether they were dark or fantasy like ideas, I can safely say that no-one was ever like him. It'll certainly be an odd and sombre affair at London Fashion Week, but also a period of time that will cement memories of all the inspired avant-garde work Alexander has done for the industry and those who admire it. R.I.P


  1. An icon.
    A legend in the making.
    He will be missed.

  2. Very well said, it's a truly awful turn of events...
    RIP Lee.

  3. thats just magical, great blog (y)


  4. So sad I can't even believe it. The impact this will have is insane. I don't even think it's truly sunken in yet for me..

  5. I just hope he isn't shadow cast as a 'celebrity' figure that tragically died; because even though he had so much more to give, what Alexander did in his 40 years is more than generations would collectively represent. He brought beauty to the unconventional side of life, painting a fantasy through clothes to inspire the eclectic and misunderstood minds. And I can safely say that no-one will ever be quite like him and his way with clothes. I don't think his death is a negative or tragic look upon the pressures of the fashion industry, but more a sad and REAL human case of someone struggling to come to terms with the loss of loved ones. It just makes him even more an avant garde designer we could all relate to. I'd be interested to hear all of your thoughts.

  6. That is so true! It was never the fashion industry that pushed him to take his own life. It seems as if the loss of his mother (probably a source of his inspiration and creativity) took its fatal toll. McQueen was the avant-garde.
    I haven't stopped mourning. I wonder what will happen with the labels?