Thursday, 4 February 2010

Their Stalking Silence

I'm so lucky to have friends that don't just click with me, but also muse me with so much inspiration and creativity. Most of you will know Constance from her blog, and her stylish take on life has left its tracks in my wardrobe path. Her boyfriend Ebn Mars is an amazing photographer, and below is an example of his stunning work. The photos have a haunted yet beautiful shadow cast upon them, with a woodland that looks possessed and clothes that vine into the landscape.
As for my own ventures, I've just been credited by the British Fashion Council as 'official press' for London Fashion Week in a fortnight, so will endeavour to bring all the news and styles straight from the runway when I return. My interview with Crystal Castles is also published in the recent Prim Magazine, which can be previewed and bought from . Oh, and one final note, to at least explain the photo at the end of this post; I DJ at a club called Wonky in Bristol; a job that I've fallen headphones and heels in love with. So on that note, I wish you all well, and be sure to let me know what you're all up to as well. It's my 23rd birthday next week, so time to start getting the masks out ready for my Masquerade dinner party!


  1. congratulations! you guys are a talented lot.

  2. You're "official press" ??
    Seriously, I'll be looking forward to those photos.

    Also interested to check out that Crystal Castles interview. Heavy rotation over here, heavy.

    Oh yeah, those DJ pics are so on point. Yes!! haha

  3. looked at the preview for the magazine and couldn't see the cc interview

  4. Yup yup Graham, I'm a really fortunate one this season to have full press access; I'll be interviewing the likes of Paul Costelloe which will be daunting beyond all belief, but hopefully the networking will pay dividends. I wouldn't say London is quite up to par with the likes of New York or Paris for 'fashion week standard' yet, but it's still a real treat being there for inspiration left right and center.

    Oh, and in reponse to 'anonymous', the interview is in the printed publication, and not on the online preview. The site only contains snippets of the magazine. It's a great magazine in general though, dont you think? The fashion spreads in particular are innovative and unique

    Hope alls well!

  5. Oh look, its me! on your blog! HI!

  6. oh my charleston! yer a dj!! thats a surpirse u see! u always look serene and calm.. and me looking foward for yer bday! yey!
    congrats charles!