Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Muscles And Magic

I came across a collection by Trussardi on the Vman website. I loved the juxtaposition of classical menswear with subtle visions of a modern future. Sharp vintage style waistcoats are buttoned in an offbeat manner, and denim shirts take 90’s inspiration with funky twisted sleeves rolled into the look. What marks this move in a modern direction however are the tops. The model evokes masculine strength and sensuality in a vest with feminine charm. The asexual illusion, so popular with more avant-garde designers such as Gareth Pugh, is a futuristic fashion utopia that is subtly introduced into Trussardi’s collection. The vest has feathers delicately stitched into a folklore pattern, giving bohemian dreams to the thoughts of the chizzled model. The jacket merits this same persona, with tassels gliding underneath the arms to create innovative movement and shape. So for men looking to be adventurous and provocative while keeping their masculine strength in tact, this is a collection to invest in at once.


  1. Androgyny is definitely "in" and it's sort of fun to embrace. You're right, these designs are a really great mix of masculine-feminine. I'd wear all of them, truth be told. I'm still working up the courage to wear shorts like that, though!

  2. Wow i love that vest top with the collar detail? beauuuutiful!