Friday, 13 November 2009

Everlasting Style From Topman Limited

Topman might not always push the boundaries, but there’s no denying their clothes are right on trend and at accessible prices. Their ‘limited’ range offers a more eclectic and runway inspired tangent however, and this seasons collection is no exception. There’s sharp workplace sophistication to it with an industrial feel that comes from the metallic grey palette. The jackets are crisp, the jumpers exude warmth, with sideway stretched collars that add softness to the bold looks. So take a trip to Topman’s website if you want to spice up your winter wardrobe.


  1. I really like these new topshop ads, and the clothes.

  2. I wish Topman clothes were always worn this stylishly. All too often I see guys wearing the brand so plainfully, without sounding too harsh!

  3. That Wonky night sounds amazing! You come to Bristol every weekend? Where do you live usually? Thank you for all your kind words on my blog! I've added you onto my list as I always enjoy your posts. We both love the same things in fashion I feel.
    I'll definitely let you know when we have another night, although I'm not sure if it will be held in Warehouse because it's changed hands and it's now super expensive to rent out. Such a shame, I love that place!

  4. Haha, No, not too harsh! Topman needs to branch out and show their customers how they can wear they're clothes. I'm really glad that Topman are becoming bigger to nearly equal topshop. The oxford circus store is expanding isn't it? Another level for topman I believe.
    These ads make me want to start shopping there myself!

  5. I live in Stroud, but am at Bristol most weekends, as my best friends live above The Croft. So look out for me at places like The Thekla and Start The Bus!

    As for Topman, I went to the oxford circus store not long ago, and loved the extended collections on sale. I find that the smaller chains are so uninspiring with what they offer, such as the Gloucester store which is full of plain dull polo tops, and little more. Ebay is my haven of late though for high fashion bargains.

    Anyway, stay in touch darling

  6. I will, I'll look out for you around these Bristol hotspots.
    We may have even met some time already, who knows!