Thursday, 5 November 2009

Winter Nights With The Sound Of Beating Wings

Jeniferever encapsulate the romantic fragility of experiementa lindie. Love is on 'the tip of his tongue' in 'Across The Sea', with vocals that mist into the eery landscape that's created. A banjo delicately plucks innocent chords of thought in the background of the songs, with a dark ambience that captures Sigur Ros beauty. 'Choose A Bright Morning' is a heavy and powerful album without throwing too much noise in the listeners' direction. It manages to not be a self indulgent take on experimentation, instead creating vulnerability that allows you to connect with the songs on a deep level, or merely drift into aquatic bliss. For those that are a fan of Mew's angellic whispers and Sigur Ros's avant-garde, Jeniferever are a middle ground and make believe fantasy soundtrack to give warmth to your winter.


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