Sunday, 29 November 2009

Quintessentially British

Paul Smith is quintessentially British. Polished suits and dapper shoes mark his collections, looking suitable for sophisticated scandal in a Jane Austen novel. The outfits manage to stand out from the predictable tailored crowd though, with embroidery and special detailing, albeit subtle, adding eccentricity and imagination. The jackets are graced with pleated pockets, and a hand-stitch effect is on the seams. And while strong British fabrics theme the collection, such as checks and tartan, they’re over-dyed on the shirts to convey a more modern look.


  1. Paul Smith is one of my all-time favourite designers, his mod and indie style is just a huge inspiration, plus his stores have the best interiors!
    Great post, Charleston, I still love reading your great blog!

  2. Thanks yet again pen pal of mine. I dont think I quite have the build to pull of Paul Smith's ultra masculine looks, but I certainly admire the polished mod heritage that he presents. Keep in touch!