Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Wild At Heart

Apologies for my absence on here the past week. My laptop has fallen ill and victim to a virus, so I've been without regular internet access. I've felt rather lost without my online existence, but thankfully me and my close friends enjoy colouring our lives with fashion outside. So I've been re-connecting with the wilderness around me, wearing vintage christmas jumpers to tame the ice cold wind. Hope everyones well though. Keep in touch.


  1. love the sweater


  2. what a beautiful sweater and i love the editing.

  3. where are you!? It looks incredible!
    Love the sweater, beautiful pictures, you beautiful boy.

  4. Thanks darling! The photos were taken along my driveway that stretches out into our field. The countryside around me can be fairly alienating at times, but at the same time it can inspire and look really beautiful. And thankfully of late, I've enjoyed wearing thick vintage jumpers and strolling around the fields!

    Anyway, how are you darling? Much been going on in bristol and your fashionable world? Wonky is on Friday by the way and its a Circus Freaks theme. Pop along to say hi if your around!