Thursday, 2 September 2010

Inside Out

So a week has ticked by at what seemed like a concord speed in London city. However it's surreal to find myself so out of sync and behind the times without the internet as my current companion. I'm surrounded by the fashionable elite of Hackney, yet not being able to blog and bookmark it online has left my mind disconected and scattered; much like a tourist with a disposable camera that's begging to be developed.

Nonetheless, I've already got a patchwork of sights, experiences and inspiration tucked in my pocket. Working with Carolyn Massey has been enrinched with errands; from popping into pop-up-shops to showcase her collection, being hypnotized by a maze of textilesI never new had been stitched-existed, and even picking up those handy motherly tips and life lessons. That's right, I've been awakened this week to the alarming admission that I didn't know how to correctly fold and present shirts and jackets. I blame my rural brackground though where cardigans are born to corrogate and crease...! Carolyn's clothes have been a crisp treat to look at in person though, particularly seeing the collection at its birth with the stitching and tailoring that brings the playground to life. And of course I'll bring you pictures from her fashion week presentation in a few weeks time.

On the pictorial note, I'll be giving snapshots and polaroids from all walks of my new life when the internet is lovingly restored and ignited into the flat. Living with Constance ( promises for heaps of creativity along our bronx street with luscious parks enchantingly contrasting nearby. And we're meeting up with Ingrid from at the weekend for some funky thrift shopping, and darting some interviews at each other for good measure! So hope everyones well in the blogging sphere; be sure to keep me posted with any trends that might have broadband whizzed straight past me. And if anyone knows of any hidden gem charity shops or carboot sales in the London zones, the insight and exclusive would be lovingly received.


  1. i had no idea you were london-based! the time out shopping & style guide is worth getting, lots of good independent stores in there. oh AND i wrote for it haha! see you at LFW?

  2. Carolyn sounds very promising indeed!

  3. This sounds amazing! Have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures! <3

  4. Awwww am glad your having such a productive time and your getting the opportunity to work with amazing people its always useful and such a wonderful way to learn……
    I’ll be honest I am missing your outfit post!! they are so inspiring!!!♥ Love them!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend♥

  5. i hope you enjoy your internship and learn a lot! lucky you!

  6. I'm so in love with your blog. I love stumbling across really good ones and you're privileged in being, currently, the only boy's one I read.

    I just finished working at Company magazine which was an absolute treat. It sounds like you're having a wonderful time and I'm so looking forward to seeing more photos! Your writing style is lovely to read - eloquent and interesting.

    Lots of love x

    ps. See you at fashion week!

  7. this seems good, take some pics for me plz!

  8. sounds like a very similar experience to mine when i moved to london for an internship earlier this year, and i was living in hackney, stoke newington to be more precise.

    keep us posted!very exciting stuff