Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Solid Citizens

One of Autumn's finest characteristics is the element of texture that corrogates and ripples through our wardrobe to combat the fresh mist and weather bite. It's an easy 'paint by numbers tick' to just hang a scarf on an outfit like a seasonal foreigner though, so this season I'm trying to collage warm flavours and knits into as much of the silhouette as possible. Take this shoot in The New York Times Style Magazine, which shows that colour blocking isn't always the answer to make an outfit pop. Careful execution of 'all over colour' can produce clinical charm, where texture takes precedent over any other element.

In my own style post, while I havent converted myself to a religion of one sole colour just yet, I've knitted bits of texture into parts of my outfit that are a little unexpected. Such as a crinkled vintage shirt, and bobbled socks that creep and illuminate out of the stumpy military boots and jeans.

And on a final note, while I'm sure she needs no introduction, I'm living with my top friend and blogger Constance at the moment, so make sure you keep tabs on all her cutting edge and unique fashion activity at So far it seems our wardrobes are bringing an acoustic chord of 'folk grunge' to London city!

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  1. great post!


  2. priiincee...its soo great thiis!!..enjoy total!!...i loove your outfit!!

  3. Woof, what a hairy chest ;)

  4. I quite enjoy seeing monochromatic outfits with different textures! Makes it anything but bland!
    Love your cardi and suspenders.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  5. thank for commenting!
    I love your point of view!

  6. this makes me really want some thick grey hiking socks & red suspenders. THANKS!@ xx

  7. thanks! This means a lot for me:)
    I like your shoes !

  8. wow your blog is more than fantastic *_*

    xoxo wanda

  9. Hi! Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. I really like some elements of your style as well, especially the hair and the fact, that you really seem to follow your inspirations. Many people show their catwalk or session inspiration on their blogs but their style does not reveal their likes, yours does!

  10. Thank you so much for your comment !
    & I am totally agreed with Veronica Fraticelli who said that you follow your inspirations, & many people don't !

  11. Hey Charlie!

    You like my braces and I like yours! :D

    Have fun and keep doing a good blog!

    Peace and love!

  12. I love your sweater/jacket! Always creative, aren't you?

  13. Thanks for stopping by today:)

    Have a Fantastic Day!!!
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  14. lookin' fine
    that blazer and the color is great

  15. I really like your blazer. Awesome blog you have here :3

  16. you're the coolest guy blogger i've ever since !! your hair is really cool and i like the dash of red frm the suspenders !

    would u mind if i add you to my "poise boys" blog roll ?