Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Black Icebergs

When I reflect on certain textures I've tested, while I never question the interpretation or adventure behind the time, there's occasionally 'that' coat that didn't quite fit. Take the nostalgic punk biker jacket I had a tug-of-war with to get out of the cupboard last year. It evolved into a fun and powerful shoot, but it would have drowned and bullied me to the floor with each step and walk if I went out in it. Some fabrics are just too heavy to handle when you don't have the broad shoulders of a man from the Milan runway. But this isn't to say that the vibe can't be trimmed down into a skinny latte version. So with a love of leather, I traded animalistic armor leather for a lighter retail interpretation. The Topman jacket I'm wearing below is sticky to the eye and light enough to crunch and crinkle into a tough urban shape. And an editorial from Iceberg has a similar appeal, where they've even creamed the aviator trend into something softer. Be sure to let me know of your own trend adaptations this season!


  1. Love the jacket in the first photo.

  2. love this <3

    thanks for stopping by my blog too :) just browsing through your older posts now and loving them. you have an amazing sense of style!

    following :) x

  3. I quite like heavy fabrics, as long as I wear something light underneath, I love the layers youre wearing here, and your cropped trousers! x

  4. wow, incredible menswear. your writing is so beautiful!

  5. The whole outfit is simply perfect. As usual. You never play the wrong note. :-)))

  6. You're so right! i hate the bulkiness of jackets but then again, i live in LA so there's really no need for it. I still wonder how people in new york manage to look soo good while its so freakin cold out there. Thin suede coats are the hardest to find with out the extra zeros at the end of the pricetag but i love the trend!
    love the post (and your hair is amazing)

  7. Thanks for your comment!
    Lovely outfull! ;)
    Fantastic! ;))


  8. Love the first pic! And your tee and shirt are cool!:)


  9. I could totally see you walking in that 2005 Dior Homme Runway! Your 'look' in your Post: "Safari in the City" is the kind of Hedi Slimane-inspired look that suits you the best - Fantastic ☆

    Thank you for your always AMAZING comments on my BLOG: http://www.sprezza2raw.com/ Your 'passion for fashion' really comes through... Molto grazie...

    - Brad/

  10. cute blog ;)
    and i luv your style!
    im following you

    a lot of kisses from poland!

  11. i stumbled across your blog tonight - it's AMAZING! ohmy,, your outfits are insane <3

  12. how do you feel about the sartorialist's sleeve length obsession?

    i am all for a well-fitting coat!

  13. Just discovered your blog and really like it. Great to have a fashionable male's perspective! Love the jacket too.


  14. i love the editorial and the material of your jacket. definitely something to evoke a tough feel without being overpowering. always so much inspiration from your blog.


  15. hee char...wanted to let you know i dedicated the stylish blogger award to you.

    x xavie

  16. love the trend aviator but I prefer the usual leather jackets!

  17. That's great, I love it!
    Nice post!

    ...OH MY VOGUE!

  18. thankyou everyone for the amazing and detailed comments and compliments. means a lot

  19. LOVE YOUR SHOES!!!!!!!!