Tuesday, 27 August 2013


A big chunk of July and August involves Brits sabotaging seaside bliss; we over populate beaches to intimidate and steal the sun, and teenagers seek a sandy refuge as the biggest bed after a coastal night out. Which is why September is my ideal month to get to grips with a real getaway; a time where the hostage of summer has been loosened, leaving the beach and all its mind aroma for my organic spa indulgence.  

When I'm on the beach, footwear becomes a forefront of thought over the sand castles; do I want the barefoot trek where a sulky quicksand effect takes place, or can I really be tamed with the chore of picking out sand from my brogues as if they're delicate crystals. Ideally neither would be an appropriate walking fixture, which is why sandals offer a substitute smack bang in the middle.  

I'm sure there's a misconception that sandals are restricted to the over enthusiastic dad in a Hawaiian shirt that takes charge of summer. But seeing as those shirt prints are all the thrifty retro rage right now, there's no reason why sandals can't be introduced to the world of modern quirk.  

Reef's fanning flip flop line showcases a sleekness that really reminds of London's current trend addiction to urban sport luxe. Boys and girls are both wearinglycra, black matte, and retro basketball vests to clash the city with a bronx like attitude. The beach might not be the bronx, but some of these flip flops would certainly style up with strength. Something about the colour combinations, particularly the ice white and jet black mixes, completely reinvents an impression on the flip flop focus.  

Whether you're looking for a pop of colour, something minimal and sleek, or simply a classic, there's a shade for every taste. 

Gladiator sandals have been a highstreet hit for girls too, but I also think it's time for the boys to get their Gladiator on. With ankle straps adding something military and ancient to a look, it's the perfect beach to town transition. With skinny black jeans, a pair of black gladiator sandals would look retro and futuristic in a warped way. 

If jelly shoes have been brought back, I see room for flip flops too.  


  1. I'm glad you're back! I've missed your posts. I too enjoy flip-flops at the judgment of my fashion friends, but why not? With the right outfit, they look cool in an effortless way. Same for gladiators and skinnies.

  2. Think I was sat opposite you today on the tube! Central line > mile end. I was in a rather sparkly top and reading Blanc magazine!

  3. Love it.


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