Sunday, 18 April 2010

Asger & Androids

I was recently in touch with London based designer Asger Juel Larsen. His clothes ticked all of my aesthetics, and he kindly sent me a visually intoxicating lookbook of the recent collection with a story behind it that could have been found on a military scroll from a fantasy war.

As a logic continuation and self-constituting element, Asger evolves his sci-fi scenario for Autumn/Winter 2010. In this chapter, the hero is confronted with the raw industrial architecture of a future past, where Cables, tubes, shafts and elevators pervading the building like bones and veins.

Synthetic rubber, PVC, lame, neoprene and quilted leather build the delicate surface of defence. Contrasting this is expensive and soothing materials such as cashmere wool, thick wool silk cotton and soft lam leather. The silhouette of the 20 pieces collection is wide and stretched in outer layers but tightly fitted at the body with knitted tops and second-skin trousers. Exaggerated lapels, contrasting collars, cuffs and hems in green leather add to the dramatic comic-esque feel.

I personally find that there's a romantic and military marriage, where the model looks like a fragile fairytale character that misted out of an eery lake in futuristic army boots. The material shines so darkly it looks like electric tar. Then there's the cardigans that waterfall down so effortlessly, with snoods that hang and drape like shadowed seaweed. The jacket stands as the titanic impact and strength of the collection, with scale like armor on the shoulder and sleeves. it looks heavy and metalic, but with a sense of movement still evident and alive. The mesh top is a maze of torn and distressed black, with shredding so intricate it practically melts away into the models bare chest. It could be mistaken for gothic coral, truely magical to the eye. The jeans are a particular highlight for me, with wires delicately veined around them that gives an Edward Scissorhands feel. The collection is futuristic with an androgynous military innocence, and I urge you all to enter the android world of Asger through his site.


  1. your description of the collection is so profound and imaginative. from the images you posted, my favorite pieces are the 3rd and 5th ones. the material on the long draping cardigan gives the impression that light delicately filters through it. the shredding on the mesh top is incredibly detailed!

  2. Your writing is as elegant as the images you feature. I recently posted a military image on my fashion illustration blog. check out the giveaway I am holding of one of my illustrations that appeared in Mirabella Magazine.
    Thanks, David, NYC

  3. I looooveeee these clothes. Amazing.

  4. thankyou so much for the amazing compliments about my writing. it means so much to have good vibes about my tapping and typing. and oh yes connie, aren't the clothes just divine! x

  5. gorgeous photos and the outfits are amazing!!

  6. Beautiful pieces. <3