Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Together We're Stranger

Hey everyone! For starters, thankyou so much for the great vibes and compliments given to my editorial writing. It really makes my day and keeps my quill scribbling! On that note, if any designers, brands or magazines ever come across my page and want to collaborate with me and my pen, dont shy away from getting in touch! Anyway, I've had quite an overwhelming week. The UK has been drowned in glorious sunshine, leading me to laze in wheelbarrows in pinstripe trousers and collect imagination from fairytales. Then I went to London to meet the exceptional menswear designer Carolyn Massey. She was a delight to talk to, and I've been offered a position as her Press PA. Highs like so are always riddled with comedown lows though, as the reality of 'normal' life bullies me. Finance is always a nemesis of mine, so I need to spend the next month sketching together a way of living in the big city with pennies and pounds to my name. Wish me luck! Or alternatively pop to my Ebay page where some of my high fashion pieces are being painfully kissed goodbye to new homes ;


  1. nice pictures. i like it so much. can you follow my blog?

  2. oh you british boy! i love everything

  3. I love the braces look so much! must do it again soon i sayyyy x

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I would be more than happy to collaborate on a project with you someday.
    I like to sit in wheelbarrows.
    X David
    PS. you forgot to follow, you must follow to win my fashion illustration giveaway.