Sunday, 11 April 2010

Fairground Funk

A Child Of The Jago brings out the playground and circus flare in my imagination. For those that love the crazy concoctions of John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood, this brand injects a drug trip of colour and patterns to revamp conventional attire. The cardigans have kaleidoscope designs that wonderfully distort the eye, trousers pop with adventurous burnt oranges that look like sweet wrappers, and the blazers are a patchwork of tartan that could be a Charles Dicken's novel on acid. The mixture of this vintage tweed with a futuristic feel is particularly inspired. Jackets have psychadelic shapes that mirror the modern day electric dancefloors, making for a relevant but equally unique collection. Inspired by 'The Jago', I've clashed a lot of vibrant colours in the sunshine, which fits in nicely with my recent trips to the beach.


  1. A+ for the hat choice :: a perfect match with that background setting. I also like the bold decision to add socks, especially when the blogosphere is so oversaturated with The Sartorialist's sockless look. This is like a Beck look but better.

    The collection at top is also amazing. Thanks for sharing this! I can immediately feel how much fun the designer was having deconstructing traditional looks and going for the subversive.

  2. Hey matey! digging (SAD) all your pics! Im loving teh socks too! I have a pair but I just feel like its a homage to MJ so I resort to wearing the rainbow!

    Yours truly


  3. i like how you do your denim! pulled up and socks on show nice!

  4. wow!
    nice outfit, love your hair!