Saturday, 24 April 2010

In His Dreams He Was A Werewolf

I was a fool for aligning my loyalty with the winter drapes. Because this recent sunshine has sparked an unexpected playful side of me. While my favoured designers such as Rick Owens indulge the dark depths of androgynous shadows, I'm starting to see the treasure in a rich coloured flavour. It seems the UK's general tendency is to go all 'literal' when Summer comes, bringing out the tacky flip flops, inapropriately opened shirts, and shades from a corner shop. But this Summer I want to reverse this disillusioned tradition, showing that layers and texture can still be summer sweet.

Take the shoot I did in Bristol at an abandoned drug den, where the thick grass looked like light splinters, and the clothes were knitted snakes that travelled around me but still retained a sense of movement. I also came across the editorial below which I'm so enchanted by. There's a delicacy to the expressions, and the offbeat use of texture is still so relevant for a fairytale Summer. The white wool Burberry coat looks like dirty dusty snow that has been dragged into the next season and looks so airy and cloud like. There's something wild about the outfits, as if a Wizard Of Oz crow has flown into an acid trip woodland and come out tattooed. I love the idea of mixing bohemian flare with military and city trends, because after all, Summer is best experienced in hazy fields with only the blue sky as a neighbour. So it would be irresponsible to neglect the folklore beat entirely. And this editorial takes the wolves out of the forest into the urban streets. Amazing comes to mind!

Let me know what your Summer style intentions are, and have a great weekend too. For UK readers, I'm heading to Bristol today to be a part of Alexa Chung's T4 show 'Frock Me.' Exciting times!


  1. you have such a great talent for writing, i really do enjoy reading your posts. i agree with the tacky flip flops, i hate them with a passion!

    have a wonderful time! love, jazzabelle.

  2. Do you know who the photographer was for that editorial?? i really like the last picture in the set with the misty ness. pretty!

  3. I'm not sure entirely love; I think I found the editorial in 'V Man' ? Either way, aren't the images so 'Wizard of Oz meets Where The Wild Things are and John Galliano's mind' !? I really want some potato sack/grainy style trousers like in the Scarecrow picture. x