Saturday, 3 April 2010

Under A Honeymoon

I've been guilty in the past of the prejudice that tailored slick looks can easily slip into a predictable appearance. But a designer such as Sjaak Hullekes has shown me that even the most polished and traditional jackets can achieve a 'stripped down' and eclectic feel. I love how the lightweight jacket is tied together as a scrunched Roman style cardigan, and the peacoat has a subtle fizz texture to it, as if its undergone a calming electric shock. The colours are so indulgent and refreshing as well, taking pallete impressions from dusty feminine colours such as creamy silver and aged pink. The mesh jumper is a particular highlight, adding some 'John Galliano' funk to the scene. Sjaak sticks to his swarv' beliefs though with a light metal scarf, crisp trousers and braces finishing off the stunning collection. For more information, head to and let me know what you think! Happy Easter everyone!


  1. I love those high trousers with the braces, you should totally give that a go?? I want to aswell!! x

  2. You said one-liners to describe this collection.
    Personally I like very much. Lots of simplicity and so elegance. I like particularly both jackets of the last photos. Maid Easter to you too (a little bit late:p)

    Sorry for my bad English :D