Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Living Online

So I've been back in The Shire for almost a month now, and a job is still without me. It's quite a surreal existence not having a student loan anymore. I find myself contemplating walking 5 miles to friends' houses, and even drinking tap water at the local pub quiz. But thankfully my time online has been a littler richer and extravagant. I'm currently writing a piece on Hungarian designer Dora Mojzes for Prim Magazine. She's a gothic couture queen, and I'm enjoying the dark fantasy that her clothes have to offer. I'll be sure to post the published item when it hits shops next month. But I do tell a lie, as there was one occassion recently where I scurried up some money to go out and dance around. My prima donna of fashion, Connie Phillips, turned 22 yesterday, and we hired out 'The Woods' in Bristol for such a doo. I wore my John Galliano top with ultimate pride for the first time, with Connie adopting a grungy chic feel.


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