Thursday, 30 July 2009

Werewolf's & Black Poppies

Chictopia and Lookbook have become online bibles for me, subtly indicating by way of hypes and hearts whether an outfit I sport is good or not. It means that hopefully I wont leave the house from now on in something questionable. I'm a fan of sparkles and eclectic things, but according to the websites I mentioned, a simple chic blazer with jeans is the way to make a mark these days. I just hope the curly locks dont start to overshadow the looks. But anyway, the fashion life online pleases my nights, and keeps me occupied until the weekend arrives. Speaking of which, I'm off to bed now, thoroughly looking forward to a day with my dearest friend Constance. We're going to laze in the sunshine on the top of the hills, reading tea stained books from the charity shop and dressing up in glorious frocks. No doubt some pictures will come. Hope everyone else is well. x


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