Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Wonky Side Of Life

I forgot to mention the extra curricular activity that took place at the weekend. Music has always been a staple sound in my life, and even though my genre choices have been debatable in the past, I usually consider myself as having a good ear for what’s new and attractive on the dancefloor. So I put my calling to use, with a 2 hour DJ set at ‘Wonky’ in Bristol. It’s billed as a club ‘for homos who hate hard house’, attracting an array of different sort of people with backgrounds all contrasting, but not conflicting in the slightest. Albeit a bit wobbly at the start, I soon became one with Wonky, playing songs that tickled the tap shoes of the dancers below. Girls Aloud, followed by Patrick Wolf, moving swiftly on to Ladytron. And the mixtape went on!


  1. Thanks a lot for your comment!

  2. ohhh i look drunk!
    You played some marvellous tunes though my freind, simply marvellous!x